Health Insurance - Part 24

Health Insurance - Part 24

Find information about affordable health insurance plans

Are you paying too much for your California Health Insurance?

Seems like there have been a new round of layoffs reported recently. Especially in the public sector; police, fire fighters, teachers, city and county employees. The states inability to balance the budget and pass a new budget is causing a lot of undue stress.

If you’re some one who has recently lost your job, look carefully at your COBRA options. We’ve worked with many people who found it was less expensive to purchase a private health insurance plan than to opt for the COBRA option or to cover dependents on their group insurance.

You can explore your options at our site, .The site will show you plans from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California starting with the least expensive plans.

Marsh: Offshore Energy Insurance Costs to Increase ‘Modestly’

Major losses sustained in the Gulf of Mexico will not have the same market-changing impact on the upstream energy insurance market as other major events such as Hurricane Katrina, according to a new report published by insurance brokerage giant Marsh.

Following Hurricane Katrina, the market experienced massive reductions in capacity and subsequent rate hikes.

Commercial Truck Insurance – Know the Factors That Determine the Cost of Your Insurance

Has it come around to that time of year again? Your truck insurance needs to be renewed and you want to look over your options. As a commercial truck owner or maybe you own a fleet of trucks, insurance can be a very tricky business. It is one type of insurance where it is imperative to read and understand the fine prints making sure you have the proper coverage. First and foremost is going to be how much it will cost. There are a lot of different factors that come into play when determining the cost of insurance. U

How To Compare Whole Life Insurance

A whole life insurance justification ought to be required reading for anyone about to purchase life insurance. Whole life, in my opinion, has in recent times got a bad reputation. Individuals tend to shop for term life insurance because it is less expensive. Although I think that a good term insurance can take care of the insurance needs of most individuals, a good whole life insurance policy is worthwhile contemplating.

Whole life insurance quotes are out there online from many insurance firms that have an online presence. Online life insurance quotes allow you to hunt for the cover that best suits your needs. When you log onto each site, you’ll read the data concerning the whole life insurance plans offered and request free quotes. Full Post…

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