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The HEALTH ANGEL is an advanced evoked response electrical stimulator.

The following described various means by which the HEALTH ANGEL stimulator evokes such responses.

For assessment and therapy

Owner''s manual

Scientific background

Since the late seventies it is scientifically established that all cells radiate light. Each and every cell communicates via light. As each Organ has specific cells, which have specific functions, so is the light from an Organ characteristic of that organ.
Healthy tissue radiates a different light than diseased cells. Whereas healthy cells radiate light of a coherent nature, diseased Organs radiate chaotic light, whereby such chaos can increase as the Organ or tissue gets worse.As more cells send out disordered messages or do not communicate at all, the worse off the body can be. Only dead material, such as a corpse, does not radiate anything.
All types of tissue have their own very characteristic light emissions. Not just tissues emit light, elements and their combinations have their very specific vibrations.
For example Salmonella typhoid bacteria has a vibration that can be distinguished from the oscillation of a Salmonella paratyphoid bacteria.
These phenomena have been employed into an evoked response analysis and therapy system of unrivalled accuracy and success. With this system one can ultimately get back to causes and help remove them.
Chemical reactions are preceded by an electromagnetic signal, a vibration. By changing the vibration you automatically change the biochemical reactions. You in effect change the steering system. Who knows best what direction to follow ? Of course the body itself !!! That is why we leave it to the body to do what is best.
The HEALTH ANGEL picks up all the body‘s frequency waves, filters them and separates healthy vibrations from sick ones. The healthy oscillations are then amplified and given back to the body, while the chaotic (sick) oscillations are inverted and then rendered back to the body. This way the chaotic, disease causing vibrations are neutralized, while the healthy ones are made stronger. The death of a cell can be compared with the end of a star. First you get a supernova, subsequently the body of light disappears in a black hole.

By repeating these evoked responses a number of times the body should get healthier and healthier, and until such time that the body can fight off ill health by itself again.
Remember though: ill health, although inconvenient and uncomfortable can be only part of a healthy system getting stronger.

Evoked Responses for Stress Analysis

With this unit you are able to assess and analyse certain difficulties that your body has and the possible underlying causes of problems. This assessment is based on the work by the German physician Dr. Voll and is sometimes called “electro-acupuncture according to Voll“ (EAV).
Various Universities (Los Angeles, Southern California, Hawaii) have evaluated this assessment system and found it to be 87%-98% accurate.
This is much more accurate than normal medical evaluations are.
You place an electrode on an easy to find acupuncture point (acupuncture points have a different resistance to electrical current) and you get a reading. This reading on an is indicative of the meridian and related to the organ system, or part thereof, belonging to this meridian.
From this reading you ascertain whether an organ or part thereof is in good functioning condition or not.
In the original EAV system acupuncture points that were not in order were balanced out by external electrical currents. In the HEALTH ANGEL system the body can get in balance by responses which correct and redirect the body‘s own energies.

Evoked Responses for Biofeedback therapy

The therapy aspect of the HEALTH ANGEL stimulator incorporates a feedback system, whereby the unit can differentiate between disturbing energies and healthy energies. This is possible because of electronic filters that can "see" thedifferences, based on the level and characteristics of the frequencies. The pathological frequencies are inverted, by putting them 180 degrees out of phase, and subsequently sent back to the body or to an acupuncture point. Healthy energies are amplified and rendered back to the body. Through this system „bad“ vibrations can be neutralized. Biochemical reactions are guided by electromagnetic vibration. By rectifying a vibration, one can automatically rectify the biochemistry in the body. That is when healing begins.
Only your own body can heal itself. The Health Angel stimulator response System is aimed at helping put the immune system back in order, so that it can do everything for itself again. Biofeedback therapy can make your body excrete toxins and help restore the regeneration process. Apart from that the therapy is extremely relaxing, thereby after just a few sessions, making for a younger feeling and effect.


In our society a lot of emphasis is placed on outer beauty, while too often neglecting our inner beauty. We have often made the mistake of thinking that when something looks good, then it must be good. The same applies to a painkiller. If you are in pain, you take a painkiller. Then you may not feel it anymore, but the problem that caused the pain has not gone away.

For Chiropractors:Do you know where a certain backache comes from?? Is it really the spine? A pain in the neck: is it really the vertebrae in the neck that is causing the trouble?

With this instrument you can find out immediately what the cause is. The backache could be caused by the bladder or prostrate or ovary. The bladder meridian runs on both sides of the spine from bottom to the head via the neck. The muscles in the neck are controlled by the stomach. So often a stiffness or pain in the neck is simply caused by the stomach. And problems in the stomach are generally caused by the gallbladder. So do not simply treat the vertebrae. If you arc really concerned about your patients health, check first with the HEALTH ANGEL.

For acupuncturists:

Do you want to carry on with a hard, perhaps mysterious diagnosis like „the kidney energy is too full“, or „the liver energy is empty or irregular“? There are 64 qualities you may feel in each of the 12 pulse positions. But it takes hours of diagnosis and a lifetime of practice before you can differentiate between all the possible qualities and perhaps even then you may not have found the cause of die problem. But you cannot tell whether a person is suffering from agricultural poisoning, or resistant streptococcal in his heart muscle.
For this you would need the Health Angel''s assessment and therapy system to properly analyse such a condition and to treat it effectively.

For M.D.‘s

You probably have a lowered average of accuracy in your diagnosis. This means that many people can walk around with the wrong diagnosis, consequently with the wrong prescription or even go to a hospital where the wrong organ might be operated on. This in spite of all the diagnostic methods you have had available.

The HEALTH ANGEL method of analysis alone lets the body tell you what is wrong. It can tell you in advance how die patient will respond to certain medications, or to a combination of medications.

For all of us.

For the first time the price is right.
Until recently these units were only available to wealthy practitioners, at prices ranging from $ 15,000 to $ 30,000.

2 point electrodes, 2 hand electrodesand the testing cup.

Cup, which can hold up to nineremedies.

Our purpose

All of us have to be responsible for ourown health. We have the special medication tried for centuries to push that responsibility away in the hands of doctors and other ones. Now everybody is slowly understanding that they alone cannot heal. Only the own body can heal. Generally old age and its symptoms appear when the body has stopped regeneration. This process is frequently halted earlier, due to an ever increasing amount of toxins we ingest and due to incredible stress we put ourselves under. We have to return to basics, to enable our body to dicriminate and take action. With HEALTH ANGELyou can do that.


In the USA the Health Angel has been registered with the FDA as a Class II device, under code 882.1870 as an EvokedResponse Electrical Stimulator.


The Health Angel assessment systems are not basically new. The principles have been in existence for 40 years or more!!In that time much experience has been gained. Thought it the Health Angel is a great improvement on older systems. Youcan read about that in the manual. Also the manual tells what direction to go for various conditions of ill health.


There is a full 5 year warranty.

We always have a few units in stock and can issue a replacement instrument immediately in the unlikely event thatsomething might break down. The units are stocked in the USA and in Europe. There is no problem.

Battery operated

The unit operates on 7 AA batteries and is quite safe. it comes with a charger. On an overnight charge it should operate for appoximately 80 hours. The unit can also be charged by a solar power unit, which is integrated in its carrying case.


We frequently schedule seminars through which you can learn more about the system, its principles and applications.