Weight Loss Wisdom

Weight Loss Wisdom

January sees the busiest time of the year for the diet industry, as thousands of people join weight loss programmes as part of their New Year resolutions.

English: Illustration of obesity and waist cir...
English: Illustration of obesity and waist cir...

As January becomes February and moves quickly into March, many who started the year with such high hopes of losing weight fall by the wayside and slip back into bad habits, and, sadly, many finish the year heavier than they started it. This pattern can often repeat itself year in and year out, causing people to yo-yo diet for thirty years or more, and ultimately end up carrying more weight than when they attempted their first diet thirty years previously.

If this pattern is repeated by many people, many times over (and we can assure you that it is), the indicator is that diet programmes have a high fail rate. And yet individuals return to their diets often two or three times a year, year in and year out.

It is hardly surprising that when we meet those who have dieted year in and year out, they are frustrated beyond belief at the lack of progress they have made, and feel they are facing a losing battle against the bulge.

The diet industry – just like the fitness industry, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the automobile industry etc.. exist to make money. As a result, the quality of the programmes offered might fall short of all the necessary components to ensure successful and sustainable weight loss.

We cannot lay blame purely at the diet industries’ doors. As consumers we make decisions about our lifestyles, including what and where to eat, and we seem driven by the need for ‘quick fixes’ when it comes to weight loss.

Additionally, through lack of knowledge about the human body and its real dietary needs, we often return to the same poor quality diet programmes time and time again, and in just the same way we also return to our normal, poor eating patterns time and time again.

If you are at a place where you know you need to lose weight, we would suggest that a little wisdom is used when choosing your weight loss method.

If you consider that your body is designed to take on board energy and nutrients (from food) in order to function, and that being active (in the form of exercise) helps to maintain fitness and burn energy, it makes sense that the best way to treat your body and manage any weight loss programme is to look at those foods that are the best energy providers that are packed full of life enhancing nutrients, and introduce an element of being active (in the form of exercise) into your life.

Using pre-packed dietary foods, meal replacement shakes and high protein meat ‘diet’ meals will not lead to wellness and weight loss. Quite the opposite. These methods of weight loss are unsustainable long-term. They are likely to lead to years of yo-yo dieting with an end result leaving you heavier than ever. That is why the diet industry loves their diet programmes! If they were as successful as they claim to be, their businesses would not have a long-term lifespan. The diet industry makes huge sums of money on the back of yo-yo dieters, and those dieters continue to lead a poor quality life whilst the diet industry continues to get rich.

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...
Nature’s Harvest

Nature never intended us to live the way we now do. Nature provided us with an abundance of fresh, natural foods that we are able to exist and thrive on. Nature never intended your body to survive on foods found in plastic cartons needing to be nuked in a microwave.

Our bodies were never built to take on board pre-packaged, convenience, off the shelf foods. That is why we are fat and unfit. Our bodies were designed to take on high energy, nutrient dense foods. And as we are built for movement, we were never designed to sit for hours on the couch watching re-runs of our favourite soaps munching through family size bags of potato chips, we are designed to be active.

Weight Loss Wisdom means taking time to really consider why you are overweight, how long you have been overweight, how many times you have tried to lose weight and have failed, and whether there is another way.

With wisdom you should become aware that you are not living as nature and your body intended. With wisdom you will accept that the diet industry will not help you. With wisdom you begin to understand that when you treat your body as nature intended, you will achieve weight loss the likes of which you have failed to achieve before. With wisdom, you recognise that the food industry will continue to sell you any promise as long as you buy their product. With wisdom you will find wellness and weight loss.

Weight loss Wisdom is not an easy path. It requires a complete change of mind about food. It means you have to fly in the face of convention and refuse to accept the stories we are told by those we should trust about food and fitness. It requires belief in yourself when all around you are trying to pull you back to ‘normality’. It takes strength to continue your journey when slipping back into the old routine would be so much easier.

However, we will let you into a little secret. When you properly and fully embrace Weight Loss Wisdom, you will get your life back. If you are lost, you will find yourself. It you are frustrated you will find peace. If you are low you will find confidence, and if you are unhappy you will finally start to glow.

Weight Loss Wisdom quite simply embraces the following beliefs:-

- Conventional diets do not work long-term.

- Living as nature intended brings wellness and weight loss.

If you are tired, so tired, of the treadmill of diets that do not work, perhaps it is time to adopt some Weight Loss Wisdom, and finally find yourself.