The critical first trimester

The critical first trimester

The critical first trimester
Posted by: Ria Brillante on May 12, 2013 in News, Pregnancy 3

Motherhood is the most exciting part of a woman’s family life, specially the first time mothers. The moment you see your pregnancy test kit with two bars, the tremendous joy of having baby now sets in. Pregnancy involves a long journey of 9 months and every trimester is a period that each mother must be watchful of. This is because the development of the baby happens uniquely on a certain period of each trimester and pregnancy care differs accordingly.

The first trimester is the most critical period of one’s pregnancy because the baby is most sensitive to the harmful practices of a mother such as disease acquisition and drug ingestion. For example, mother who develop German measles during the first trimester have the tendency to give birth to children who have congenital defects. Here are some of the facts about the first trimester that expectant mothers must be aware of:

- The heart of a baby is formed at 6th-8th week, although physicians need a specialized device such as Doppler in order to examine the heartbeat of a baby.

- The formation of the brain happens the week after the heart, which is the 7th week. The brain shapes into 3 regions which are the forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain.

- A baby is already sensitive to touch at your 10th week of pregnancy. You can know massage your tummy and let your baby feel your caress at this moment. The vital organs also form at this stage which includes the lungs, liver, kidney and intestines.

- The symptoms of morning sickness and heightened senses appear on the trimester. You can relieve morning sickness by having small, frequent feedings and by nibbling some cracking before waking up. You will also have certain food cravings and can also develop weird food and smell aversions. These are normal symptoms and just let them be.

- Most miscarriages happen during the first trimester so prioritize your safety.

The first trimester is the period that can dictate the health of your child because of the developmental processes your baby is undergoing. Do as much precaution as you can on the first trimester.