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Health care is for the maintenance and improvement of health. Health care services provide facilities to people to prevent them from any kind of disease, illness, injury or other physical or mental issue. Health care services are provided by health professionals like professional doctors, psychologist, professional dentist and other health professionals. They provide services include primary care, secondary care and as well as provide health facilities to public health.

It is the care that is provided to the patient immediately at the time of need that is also called first aid to the patient while other detail checkups will be provided to the patient according to their situation.

It is the care that is also known as a detailed checkup that is provided by the specialized doctors, surgeons and nurses. For example, a serious injury that needs much care or operation must be operated by professionals.

It is a specialized care for the patients suffers from big diseases like cancer, heart surgery etc. The checkup need for their betterment of health is considered in this category.Health care services are different from region to region. Health care services are influenced by social and economic conditions. Different policies and plans are decided according to the region, population and other environmental factors. Health care services are actually the organizations that are established to meet the health needs of targeted populations. Health care plays an important role in the economy of any country. Health care is an important aspect in promoting the general physical and mental health. The first disease that was discovered by World Health Organization was smallpox in 1980. The group of trained professionals comes together for providing good health facilities to the people.

Several sectors are working in the health care services. Many countries have health care policies that are for the sake of people who are ill, have some mental or physical issue. Health care services also include services of laboratories, high technology labs to diagnose a different kind of diseases.

The main purpose of health care services is to provide knowledge of a certain disease to the people and also prevent them from the disease by providing a different kind of vaccines and medicines too. World Health organization (WHO) provide knowledge of different diseases that provide problems in the world. Such big diseases include Cancer, Typhoid, Sugar and much more. Such health services provide information and also techniques to get out of the disease and also know how to prevent themselves from next time attack.Healthcare institutes research on different kind of diseases to get information about a certain disease and to provide medicines for the disease. The management and administration sector handle the issues related to health care. Many technologies are introduced in the health sector such as different new ultrasound machines, dentistry machines and much more. Technology plays a vital role in health care. Many departments or institutes provide health facility to their workers. The right of health care is provided to 99.9% of the population. Health services include the insurance of life and related products. The organizations that are providing health services are there to serve humanity with all medical facility or to help sick people at the time of need. Mental and physical disability will also be handled in health care.

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